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Corporate Experience

Why teaching?

Teaching Experience

I am a software engineer and have worked with TiVo Corporation (U.S based MNC) for 5 years in India's Silicon Valley, Bangalore. l have a rich experience working in Android, Java and Python languages. Fueled by TiVo's innovative culture and technologies, I also filed 3 U.S. patents related to better user experience in the digital entertainment industry.


It's rightly said that teaching is the profession that creates all other professions. My passion for teaching made me bid goodbye to the corporate world and enter this noble world of teaching.

My 5 years of software industry experience clubbed with my love for teaching is what makes my teaching unique and fruitful! 

The mantra that I follow is that if my students can't learn the way I teach, then I teach them the way they learn!

I have worked as a coding educator with e-learning startup Hello Learner where I taught coding to middle and high school students from India, Dubai and Singapore via live online classes. 

Also worked remotely as an educator with Code Combat, which is a gaming-based software company in US  to teach programming to young minds.

Won 3rd position (educators category) in Codeavour 2020 AI – an online international AI and coding competition; competing against 5000+ teams from 99+ countries

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